Star of Bethlehem
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David Schwartz
February 15, 2014
Jesus says that if you ask God the Father for the truth he will give it to you freely. I prayed to know the truth and I was lead by the Holy Spirit to the Star of Bethlehem presented by Rick Larson in Southaven MS at Colonial Hills Baptist Church. There is not a poet who could find the words to describe how this discovery has made me feel about my Heavenly Father and my Lord and Savior. I constantly order the DVD and give them away to people needing this information as much as I do. Our Lord and Savior Jesus would also like to give you The Poem Of The Man-God written by Maria Valtorta, volume 1 pg. 138, which describes in beautiful detail what was happening not only in the sky, but on the earth during the birth of Jesus. Additionally, Rick Larson shares God’s testimony of his Sons death written in the stars and in scripture during The Star of Bethlehem presentation. Our Lord Savior Jesus would also like you to know the rest of the story by sharing Ron Wyatt’s which will reveal what was happening in the Earth on the day of our Lord and Saviors crucifixion. Jesus blood was deposited on the Ark of the Covenant that day. God Bless you,

February 11, 2014
I love the Star of Bethlehem! I have watched several times and love to gift it to friends and family.

February 7, 2014
Outstanding and informative. I will buy more copies for friends and family. All Praise to our Father.
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