Thirty Three - The Story Of Hope
Edward Flom
Paperback (10/1/2011 )

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In the first week of April in the year AD 33, a relatively obscure Jewish teacher was tried, brutally beaten and then crucified by the ruling Roman authorities in the city of Jerusalem. The Rabbi had preached for three years, alongside his twelve disciples, save the one who betrayed him by identifying him to the authorities, feared for their own lives after seeing their teacher executed and went into hiding. They were frightened, and their dreams of being witness to the advent of a new Messianic Age were shattered with their Master's crucifixion. Yet, an astonishing series of events would manifest from the moment a highly respected citizen of Jerusalem, Joseph of Arimathea, requested the body of the executed Rabbi for a proper burial. The Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate promptly granted Joseph's wish. From that very hour in history, a most extraordinary story would unfold.

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ISBN 13:  9781935811008
ISBN 10:  1935811002
Contributors:  Edward Flom - Author / Edward Flom - Author
Published Date:  10/1/2011
Vendor:  Sound Enterprises Inc.
Binding:  Paperback

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